Homeopathy for Allergies?

Homeopathy is an alternative medicine approach to a wide variety of ailments. Homeopathic remedies can be found that purport to treat almost any condition or symptom one can imagine, including allergy symptoms. The idea originated in the late 18th century and is grounded in the notion that “like cures like.” Although the claims made by its practitioners are viewed by the majority scientific community as untenable, it remains a widely practiced therapy today.

A Small Homeopathic Pill

The homeopathic approach entails finding a substance responsible for causing a certain symptom, and diluting it to near-infinitesimal proportions with alcohol or distilled water in an effort to create a remedy for that symptom. For example, we know that poison ivy causes itching. A homeopathic itching remedy may therefore involve diluting poison ivy extract in alcohol. Traditionally this would be achieved by mixing the two in one vial, then placing a few drops from that vial in a second filled only with alcohol, then placing a few drops from the second in a third, and so on in this fashion until the desired potency is achieved. At each step the solution is agitated by striking or shaking it in a process known as “succession.”

Homeopaths hold that the more diluted the original substance is, the more potent and deeper-acting the solution is. Many homeopathic remedies are vastly more diluted than one part in trillions, with the majority not even containing a single molecule of the original substance. It’s practitioners claim that the remedies are effective because the solution has some form of “memory” of the original substance but a viable mechanism for this memory has never been proposed. No accepted scientific model for homeopathy’s method of action exists.

Professional, peer-reviewed studies into the efficacy of homeopathic medications have consistently found the pills fail to out-perform a placebo.

It’s highly recommended that you do careful research before seeking allergy relief in homeopathy.

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